The Internet is ubiquitous in our society: every morning we wake up with Yahoo News, we have lunch with Facebook and we fall asleep with YouTube. Nowadays, nobody can live without the Internet. What about your company? Does your company also need to adapt itself to the Internet generation? This Foreigner Can has the answer and we will give you 5 reasons why you should create a professional website for your company.

1. You will increase the number of consumers

As we said, the Internet is everywhere: 42% of the worldwide population use the Internet. A website can be an opportunity to attract consumers. With a website, the number of consumers no longer depends on the geographical situation of your store or on the country you reside in. There are no barriers and everybody all over the world can see what product/service you sell. This accessibility will allow you to attract new consumers and to promote your business more effectively.

2. Your business will always be accessible

The great advantage of using a website is that you don’t need to be in the office 24/7: your website can do that for you now. Unlike normal advertising, your website lasts longer than a day, it operates 365 days a year. Even if you are not in your office, clients can discover your business and your products/services; they don’t need to wait for your store to open. This accessibility will allow you to save time and to be more available for the consumers’ needs. A well referenced website will give you more visibility and, consequently, more clients.

3. Your cost will be reduced

Using a website will help you to reduce your costs. With a website, you don’t need to rent or buy a place for your business. Marketing expenses are also reduced, now that you can promote your business and attract people via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The only costs to be paid are the domain name (.com) and the host website: it will cost you approximately £20 and £100 per month. You can also use a developer or a graphic designer to help you.

4. Your credibility will improve

Creating a website will boost your professionalism and your credibility in the eyes of consumers. With your website you will have your own bespoke email address which lends you more status. Your communication will also be better: people can see your products and ask you information before buying; email exchanges are immediate and allow you to generate more sales. Your credibility can improve with consumer feedback on social media. The more positive feedback you have, the more your sales will increase.

5. React quicker to competition

Having your own website will allow you to distinguish your company from the competition. With a website, you can create your own showcase about the products/services that you sell, their description, etc. It can help you to explain why they are different from other companies’ products, and why the consumer should choose your products rather than anyone else’s. With the Internet, you can compare your product to others, find new ideas to improve it, or expand your service/ product line.


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