Meet Stefan and Sébastien, the travel-blogging couple who have been on the road since June 2014.

The boys are eating their way around the world

The boys are eating their way around the world

Stefan, of Greek-origin, was born and grew up in London, while Sébastien emigrated from his native France to London. Lawyer Stefan and IT wizard Sébastien met in 2009, and found they were united by two shared passions: travel and food. Now, they are making a career out of these two loves – their tag line is “two greedy boys exploring the world”! – and have a significant social media following. Via Skype, they give me the low-down all the way from Bangkok, Thailand.

Q. So many people talk about giving up their high-flying jobs in the city to travel the world…and never actually do it. What gave you two the impetus to pursue this dream?

A. After travelling to Asia for the first time in 2012, we fell in love with it, and got itchy feet! In our 30s, we began to question our long-term career plans and what we really wanted from life. After two years of intensive saving and planning, we quit our jobs and our London life in 2014 to travel, and haven’t been back since.

Q. And so how does it work in terms of making a career out of travel blogging? How do you make money from it?

A. It was much easier a few years ago, but now there are so many travel bloggers so currently we are really trying to consolidate a business plan. Obviously we have some revenue from advertising on our website, but we also do a lot of work for luxury brands who want us to promote their offer to our followers. There is a big market for LGBT luxury travel, and things really took off for us in Indonesia when we got to experience and review The Samata, a luxury liveaboard. This was a period of exponential growth in our website, as people are really interested in the pink travel market. (If you’re not already jealous of their travels, check out their luxury Indonesian experience here:

Q. To what extent has the nature of travelling changed over the years?

A. Dramatically! The Internet has completely revolutionised the way people travel. You no longer just go by word of mouth with a hefty travel guide in tow; now there are apps, websites and loads of other travel blogs. Obviously we are still fairly flexible as we go, but we try to be well organised in advance, because research and information is instantaneous these days. However, we still find that the best way to discover places, and to truly get off the beaten tourist track, is by meeting and speaking to locals.

Q. And can you tell us a bit more about how your experience of foreign cuisine is about more than just good food?Devilled-prawns

A. Yes, we try to do a cooking class in each country we visit. (For their mouth-watering dishes, see their world recipe section here Learning about the cuisine of a country is a great way to learn about the culture and to interact with the people even when there isn’t a common language. And obviously with all the eating, we try to do some fitness every day! Being a pair, it is so much easier to stay motivated and it is also about much more than just keeping fit; when you are travelling all the time, it is really good to have some form of routine.

Q. And, finally, can you give us some insight into the highs and lows that come with being on the road the whole time?

A. When you’ve been travelling for a while, and are tired and hungry, there is inevitably some tension and disputes can arise. So sometimes you just need to pause and recharge your batteries a bit. But usually, rather than being exhausted by everything, you tend to find that you are actually energised by all the different experiences, which leave you hungry for more…

They certainly cook up a good recipe for jealousy! All the best to the Nomadic Boys for their onward adventures.





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