Date : 17th July 2015

Migrant Business Accelerator: Marketing for Small Businesses

Our second event of the year was an evening dedicated to Marketing for Small Businesses. Despite it being a Friday evening, many migrants (and even some local Brits) turned up to learn more from the experts of marketing. The evening kicked off with some networking between the attendees followed by a brief from Rafael dos Santos, CEO of This Foreigner Can on what the Migrant Business Accelerator is all about.

The first speaker of the event was John Sweeney, a sales expert currently heading up Qbase who gave some excellent advice on how sales strategies are more than just hard-selling to potential customers. Next up we had Rebeca Riofrio, a dynamic and passionate video marketer who runs Art in Fusion. She spoke about how videos is the marketing tool of the future as it is both compelling and efficient.

After a short break, our next speaker of the evening was Abigail Bruce. Abigail brought with her a tremendous amount of knowledge from working with big brands such as Nespresso and L’Oreal and how small businesses too can replicate their strategies as marketing is just a marriage of art and science. Last but not least was Mirela Sula who told of her experiences setting up the Migrant Woman magazine and how organising events and just going for it got her to where she is today.

To end the evening, we had a mini pitching contest where four attendees were invited to present their businesses in one minute to the audience. The winner would be chosen by the audience and would go home with a bottle of champagne. We had four brave individuals come up and pitch their various business ideas and finally Sara Girelli who created a board game about immigration emerged the winner.

The evening came to a close with Rafael giving a more in-depth presentation of the Migrant Business Accelerator programme as well as answering the multitude of questions from the audience. There was more casual networking after as attendees were eager to learn more about each other.

Rebeca Riofrio speaking about VIDEO MARKETING


 Abigail Bruce speaking about THINKING LIKE BIG BRANDS

John Sweeney speaking about SALES


Mirela Sula speaking about EVENTS AS A MARKETING TOOL

Rafael Dos Santos (CEO of This Foreigner Can) with Sara Girelli, the winner of the pitching competition

Date : 15th June 2015

Migrant Business Accelerator Pre-Launch At Google Campus

We held our first event at Google Campus which proved to be a big hit as migrants from all around London came together to learn more about our Migrant Business Accelerator (MBA) programme.

The evening started off with some casual networking before Rafael dos Santos, CEO of This Foreigner Can gave a brief overview of what the MBA programme would be like. We then had Darshana Ubl and Natasha Maw give the audience a taste of what the programme workshops would be like as they spoke about building partnerships and how to be a leader.

Following that, Rafael proceeded to give a more comprehensive view of the application process of the MBA programme. About the funding participants would get, who the mentors are going be and the type of workshops that participants would get to attend.

Applications can be made here:

While the event officially came to an end, there were still many people who stayed back to network and make new connections with fellow budding entrepreneurs.

The audience networking

Rafael is presenting the MBA Programme

Natasha Maw networking with the audience

Darshana Ubl talking about partnership

Natasha Maw talking about leadership