Our partners are critical to the growth and development of This Foreigner Can.

As they say “No man is an island” so similarly businesses partners can help each other achieve success.

If you or your company are looking for opportunities to make a social impact, get in touch!

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Ravensbourne hub


Hibou Large- Black
Ravensbourne Enterprise Hub have provided This Foreigner Can with workspace so that we can develop the company and run the business from their fantastic premises in North Greenwich.
Kingston Smith one of UK’s top 20 accountancy firms will be hosting our accelerator in their office in the City as well as managing the accounts of This Foreigner Can.
The British Library’s IP Centre are supporting our accelerator by running workshops on intellectual property, trade marks, copyrights and other subjects to protect the ideas of our migrant business owners.
Hibou Consulting specialise in proposals and have helped the directors with getting all of the documentations for the social enterprise in order so that we could seamlessly set up the business.