Mohammed is the founder of multiple ventures in Telcom, eContent, mHealth, mTravel, mEducation, mGovernment and Fintech. All his ventures are addressed under Isys Group, the Kuwaiti global trading company he founded in 2004 and of which he is currently Managing Director.


 Q. Your ambition is the mobilisation of lifestyle services. Why is this ambition important for today’s society?

 A. When I talk about mobilisation, I mean constructive rather than disruptive innovation. Making everyday services available on a mobile platform has the potential to improve people’s lives. For instance, in countries and cities all over the world where infrastructure remains limited, mobile phones and network coverage are already present. The mobile is therefore a crucial device through which we can become more efficient and effective in improving people’s access to services.

It’s a question of observing the tasks of everyday life, and then making these tasks more efficient through mobilisation. This is why customer experience is central to what we do: our aim is to make technology user-friendly and accessible to all.

 Q. What is your driving philosophy?

A. My philosophy is that any successful mission will always require two essential factors: brains and machines. The human brain is an excellent innovator, and is necessary for Research & Development. I don’t believe computers will ever achieve the thought processes of the human brain, as after all it was the brain that invented the machine! Machines are necessary, however, when it comes to making an every day routine or task more efficient – automation of resources renders these processes better and faster.

Q. What are the greatest challenges your company confronts in its efforts to remain at the forefront of technological advances and market evolution?

A. There are many, but I will focus on the two most immediate challenges.

Firstly, our greatest hurdle is ensuring compliancy with all the different regulations in each country. If we are streamlining a vertical market in the health sector, for instance, we need to ensure that our application is compliant with that country’s Ministry of Health.

The second greatest challenge is finding the right expertise. Every different country has its own specific expertise these days. India may be good for programming for example, but we would need to turn to South Korea for Nanotechnology, and to Germany or the US for machine design, etc.

ISYS Group is a Kuwaiti, global based company specialising in Telecom solutions

ISYS Group is a Kuwaiti, global based company specialising in Telecom solutions

Q. In your experience, what are the most important values a CEO should have?

A. Leadership is about leading by example. I always make sure I have experienced a task before I ask an employee to do it, so I know how easy or complex it is. That way, at the end of the day when I appraise their work, I am fair.

Communication is vital – a good CEO should be transparent and convey their messages with clarity.

Being bossy is not the right culture – you get CEOs who are aggressive in asserting themselves as the CEO, but it’s so important to remember you are not the only one who knows everything. This comes back to my philosophy about brainpower – you should be a team player, and the culmination of all the brains working under one company makes for a much stronger learning experience. I view all my employees as team members.

You should never overlook or look down upon anyone – even if it is a tea boy, he may have an experience that you don’t, and that you can learn from. When we are trying to improve people’s lives through mobilisation, it is crucial to take interest in, and listen to, everyone.

 Q. When communication is so important to you, how do you ensure that you fully support your team members across the world?

A. Interesting question – this brings us back to the ‘machines’ part of my philosophy. We have an application called eCollaboration, which means that all our global company members are on a phone directory. I can contact whomever I need from my mobile. We do a lot of videoconferencing to ensure full and effective collaboration. Isys Group aims to fully capitalise on technology for our communication needs: in time, our vision is to enable complete virtualisation and remote management.

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