Yesterday evening, our selected migrant entrepreneurs were the highlight of The Migrant Business Accelerator Launch. Pitching, presentations, press and a good mood marked the night!

Rafael and his team welcomed the 10 MBA participants, alongside some of the mentors and the press in the beautiful Charing Cross Players Theatre.
Everyone gathered together on the first floor for a drink and to talk. Tanya from Pulse and Patricia from Resonance FM were also present.
This event was primarily organised to give mentors and participants the opportunity to meet and to get to know one another.

The night began with pitching; our 10 finalists introduced their company and their product/service with their ‘elevator pitch’. This exercise allowed them to practise what they had learned during the MBA programme a few weeks back.

This one-minute pitch was stressful for a few migrants who were not comfortable speaking in front of a group, but it was good practice and a good place to start. Despite the nerves, everyone successfully completed the exercise. “It was exciting to see them evolve,” said Lisa Pattenden, a mentor of the MBA programme.

Pitching is a complex exercise. Your pitch has to convince someone in a short period of time. The top tips that the migrants learnt yesterday were to be confident and to believe in their idea.
To deliver a perfect pitch, the quality of your presentation will depend on your personality, your determination and your training/practice.

After pitching, mentors and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to talk and to get to know one another. Participants received tips and feedback from mentors concerning their pitch, in order to improve it for the next time.
Meeting people and sharing ideas with them is important when you want to run your own business. Business life is comprised of encounters and opportunities; it is important to attend this kind of event.