This article will start with one word: delegation. As perfect as you are, you can’t do everything alone and sometimes you need to delegate your work. How can you delegate it? The answer is easy: hire an employee and let this article guide you.

I- Why should I hire an employee?

Before hiring an employee, you have to consider a few things: the company’s growth, the skill set of a potential employee matches the company criterion. Furthermore, one should consider whether the company has the necessary capital required to make such an acquisition.

Additionally we should analyze whether any sort of investment of this nature should be undertaken, however for all tense and purposes we’ll assume this exercise must be undertaken.

If the company is experiencing a period of growth, then it may also be wise to consider hiring more members’ of staff. For productivity and efficiency purposes primarily, if a company doesn’t possess the necessary staffing levels -then it would be fair to conclude that said company would be unable to meet consumer expectations. Accordingly the company in question would lose its competitive advantage. Once a company loses its competitive advantage it really is, only a matter of time before the other competitors take its place within the market.

II- How can I find my employee?

When it comes to filling vacancies, there is a myriad of possibilities available to employers seeking suitable candidates.

Firstly, recruitment agencies’ provide a straightforward and viable option in the recruitment process. The potential employer merely states their requirements and the specifications of the post. Moreover, they need to verify the qualifications and relevant experience required for the post in question.

The only drawback with this solution would be the cost, however if there are many posts to fill this would still be a viable option. If we balance the amount of work required to do this in-house compared to outsourcing completely it’s fair to say, “an economy of scale,” would be achieved.

A secondary option would be, “social media,” LinkedIn is a very cost effective avenue to explore. In this environment, prospective employees’ are required to upload their cv’s -which can then be viewed by prospective employers.

A tertiary option would be to do this exercise in the house, this would be a cheaper option than outsourcing -however if there are many positions available it still may be wise to use a recruitment agency.

And finally, “job websites,” may be able to fill the vacancies, such as; Reed, Monster and Indeed.

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