LinkedIn: Yuri Pires

Twitter: @urbanvoxlive

Facebook: Urban Vox 

Working around social media before it earned its name and blogging since before it became mainstream the award-winning blogger sometimes considers himself a dinosaur in the area… “But I’m one from the Jurassic Park with all the upgrades and improvements… Just to make it clear” he the corrects…

Social Media Mad-Scientist & Gadget Freak should define Yuri in a nutshell. “I Feel naked without my iPhone” Would be the quote that defines him the most.
Super dad to 3 monkeys, photographer, designer, dreamer and a HUGE LEGO fan, all in one big package. Hyperactive by nature Yuri is a man that wears many hats and this is exactly the way likes to be.

His background in Marketing and PR, adding to 12 years within the Blogosphere as well as consulting in Social Media for a range of Brands inspired him to go one step further and fund UrbanVox Ltd with the objective of bridging offline and online marketing campaigns. Never forgetting one of his biggest values to pay the universe forward, creating awareness to great causes is one of UrbanVox’s prime directives.