Klementyna de Sternberg Stojalowska is the founder of Inc Element

She learned her craft working on the creative side of full service advertising agencies. Klementyna love writing copy, as it includes not only writing headlines and paragraphs of text, but also cooperating with designers and generating ideas for promotional campaigns. For her, working in a team was always key and that includes cooperation with the client. Clarity on the requirements is crucial to meeting expectations and solutions that work.

Whether it’s creating a headline or digging into the personality of a business to uncover its strongest selling point – it always is about serving a purpose of strengthening business’ position on the market.

The biggest lesson she learned from the big corporate clients is for communication to be effective all efforts have to be aligned with brand’s values and that the messages need to be consistent. However, being that does not mean repeating yourself. It means designing messages in line with business’ spirit and goals – they need to be engaging and suitable for the chosen media platforms. That is why her team and she begin with analysing brands first and designing solutions second. Understanding the starting point for the client’s brand is what makes or breaks any idea. That’s the foundation of a successful strategy, one that we build on. It’s imperative to get it right.

But that’s not all – getting the right image of the target market is equally important. It influences the type of language we are going to use to reach your audience. This is what she know. This is what I love. This is what I do best.

My background helps with just that. I have a master’s degree in sociology, which puts me in a great position to analyse audiences and develop messages that resonate with them. To me branding is all about clarity of messages, aligning communication with values and using language (both visual and verbal) that audiences respond to. It all adds up to finding your next ideal client.