Kanchan Prinsloo was born in India, and at the age of four she moved with her family to small town in central Canada. It is the deep value to serve instilled by her parents that is the backbone to her coaching. As a thought partner, her priority is to serve her client with the best support possible.  She is passionate in supporting women to live beyond cultural constraints while honoring what is of value.

Kanchan is an international coach supporting women leaders. She is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) with active International Coaching Federation accreditation, and a Masters of Arts, in Leadership.

Kanchan remains a committed to her professional and personal growth with ongoing learning and certifications. She supports women leaders in her volunteer work mentoring with The Aspire Foundation, and on the Executive Committee for Asian Circle UK and as a past Board Member and medical lead for a Women’s and Children’s Hospital in India.



You yourself are a migrant, can tell us how about how you adapted to a new country?

A key way for me to adapt in the UK is to be curious and courteous.  For me, this meant I followed my curiosity to learn about this new country, doing historical walks and attending as many local events.  Secondly, I always maintain courtesy in my verbal and body language.  I recognize it is very Canadian but I find being polite gives respect to the new culture I’m now a part of.


Can you explain your role in the Coaching Federation accreditation?

My role is to uphold the credentials required in coaching.  My accreditation validates and ensures I meet code of ethical and core competencies of the international coaching federation.  This maintains delivery of my coaching to the highest standards.


Do you see the UK as a good place to launch a new business?

My exposure for the UK is London and for me it is a vibrant place to launch a new business.  London is a hub that embraces new thinking and new ideas very openly. It is ripe and supportive to new businesses.


Do you think diversity is important in a company?

With such ease in global access today, it is critical to embrace diversity.  I love Aristotle’s quote “The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”.  Diversity supports the embodiment of the whole and we are more powerful together than separate.


What kind of skills do you think a migrant needs to start a business in London?

A key skill to is to know who you are. This seems very simple but it requires a lot of continual work and patience as we change to accommodate our new learnings in life.  For example questions such as – What are your values and how do these values show up in your life? How do add a new value learned in the UK that you find important?  A business requires all of you, and it needs to be based on strong structural foundation such as core values. Understanding oneself helps build resilience which is needed in starting a venture such as a business.