Jane Malyon started The English Cream Tea Company recognising that it’s not always possible for everyone to travel to a great hotel, with the idea that a really super English Cream Tea could come to them instead. She launched the idea at a Key Person of Influence meeting in London in 2011 and by the end of the year, found that they’d been awarded KPI Product of the Year. Fantastic!

For the last few years she’s been driving The English Cream Tea Company forward through the pleasurable entrepreneurial challenges of setting up, navigating food legislation, the practicalities of being able to send premium chilled gifts UK-wide, gaining a top 5 star hygiene rating and protecting our trade mark etc. She also organised the largest Cream Tea Party ever in 2013, certified by the Guinness Book World of Records.


Can you tell us what your company is about?

The English Cream Tea Company offers the ‘Best of British’ around the great tradition of afternoon tea and tea parties. Delicious treats (from afternoon tea hampers to gift packs of preserves) are combined with authentic English style and elegant etiquette tips to create charming products that can be delivered, retailed or exported.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I have always had a lifelong passion for afternoon tea and during a chat with an elderly lady about which London hotel was the ‘best’ for this treat, she sadly told me that could no longer travel to the hotels and had had her last special afternoon tea. I immediately decided that if she couldn’t travel to this lovely treat then it should be able to travel to her! Within two weeks I’d set up this business which can deliver delicious, indulgent afternoon tea hampers UK wide

Did your husband help you starting your company?

My husband Roger (the Saint!) and I have run our own businesses together for about 35 years. For example, we’re both directors of a catering and event company and we’re also now both directors of The English Cream Tea Company. He’s an invaluable asset, especially as he’s a wonderful Chef and is very good at paying attention to minute details. However, I’m very much the ‘ideas’ person so when it comes to starting a new business, including this one, that’s very much my department!

What are the main skills someone who would like to create a company should have

It’s a roller coaster of excitement and hurdles when setting up and running a new business and I think everyone should cultivate a support team around them. This need not be a paid team – you can give shares away to partners, call upon family/friends occasionally or even pay on commission for the assistance you might need. Main skills to success include tenacity and also the willingness to ask for help! When I don’t know how to do something, I try to think who might know – and usually people are kind enough to assist. However, also remember you are probably your own brand/company’s PR Ambassador – so get out there and spread the word about what great offerings you have!