Facebook: Felipe Goncalves 

Felipe Gonçalves has been working as a professional photographer for over 20 years, helping businesses and people to show their best image and achieving their sales and personal goals. As a new challenge, Goncalves is now also filming and editing, keeping the same high-quality standards. As a self-taught, Goncalves has an incredible  talent for teaching both photography and video and organises courses on a regular base.


How did you learn the photography trade?

I did learn about photography trade looking at what other photographers were doing and always keeping an eye on the market

How can you help people to achieve their target sales in photography?

work very hard and do not be arrogant, being a nice person is the best marketing for the photographer
Why did you leave Brazil for the UK?
Because I was mugged 3 times in 3 months in Sao Paulo
How was your arrival in London? Did you find a job easily?
My arrival was very exciting, but the cold, darkness and lack of living trees and nature had a bad effect on me. Yes, I did find a job easily, even my english was very bad at the time.
What are your plans for the next few years?
I want to start a few companies