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Antonia is a User Experience consultant with a Masters in Design and a Bachelor of Engineering degree.  Antonia has spent over 6 years working with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies in the UK and abroad. She co-founded Coding London to teach key tech skills to people of all ages (programming and UX) working with Codecademy and Pluralsight to make it happen. She also founded Platforms for Women and works with Digital Women UK to support and encourage women in tech. Originally from Nigeria, she has lived in the UK for 6 years. Antonia is presently involved in building a digital publishing platform for BAME and Migrant communities in the UK’s first startup accelerator for migrants.

 Tell us more about your company.

Karanta is a digital publishing company for children storybooks that reflect diversity in the UK, bringing children together. Our vision is to create a world where everyone’s story is read, shared and cared for. We also want to get children reading more by making stories accessible on any platform. Karanta was established Sept 2015 and has published the first title, My Lovely Hair
What are the mains tech skills that an entrepreneur needs to have?
All an entrepreneur needs is drive, strong leadership qualities and how to use the internet. Now if the business is dependent on a particular digital technology, it pays that they be informed about it and enough hire the right people to do the work for them.
Why have you chosen to do the MBA programme?
I choose to do the MBA because I felt that the founders of the programme could really relate to me and my needs as a migrant. I also needed to build skills in running a business especially the financial side of things. I thought that being in a diverse environment will inspire creativity in my work.
You started working with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and now you have your own company. What is the best move for a migrant who has just arrived in the UK?
The best move is to learn, be proactive and find information, find peers and mentors to support you along the way. The biggest way to fail is purely by living in ignorance. 
Is it difficult to create a company in the UK?
It is not difficult to create a company as there is a lot of information from the govt and private bodies. However, you have to be on the appropriate visa to create a company. With a visa like the Tier 2 General, you cannot create a company.