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Ana Freccia is a Brazilian journalist and has been living in London, Italy and Australia before move again to London in search of career growing and more opportunities. After got her degree and a post graduation in Marketing, Ana moved first to London to improve her language skills. With a large experience in Marketing and Customer Services in big companies and finding a challenge in find a place to live abroad, Ana decided to open a property business and offers rooms in flats and houses in London for students and young professionals moving to London. As far as her experience in find properties became a challenge, Ana started to offers places and a great and specialised about Customer Service. All the houses are fully furnished, have a maintenance team to solve the problems and a cleaning service and products provided to keep the place a lovely place to live.


You have travelled a lot – what have been the main obstacles that you have come across?

To face other cultures, language barriers and different customs, is something I’ve been facing every time I arrive in a new country. Also, to have a specific amount to spend and think about how to control it – facing lots of great opportunities and not incoming receiving. But to be honest, I don’t see it as obstacles, as it brought more understanding to face the challenges I have this days in a professional environmental.

The reason that you moved to London was to improve your language skills – how long did this take?
I moved to London to stay for 6 months and I started to understand the conversations after 3 months living in the city but I took almost 1 year to feel confident enough to keeping talking with someone of the native language. On that time, I didn’t know how to speak – my level was really beginning and I always asked for help for other Brazilians to find a job, to learn how to work and where to look for a place to live. Then, one day I realised I was living in London for almost one year and I couldn’t communicate yet, so I though: if my plan was to be abroad for one year I was going back home without to speak English, then I immerse myself in the culture, start to make local friends and speak with colleagues from other countries – also study in every opportunity I had – even listening to music, watching movies without subtitles, studying grammar at home seven times a week and avoiding friends from my country. It helped a lot and made me understand my goals and how to reach them.
Have you always wanted to run your own business?
I always created different work activities outside my work/company time as a personal life project. It always make me more creative and think in plan something ahead. I love the idea to have my own business and one day I found the opportunity to started it – so I believe my future arrives (laughs).

There is a lot of competition in the property field. How does your company stand out from all others?

We are aware of everything that is happening, we know all our clients by name and by house and more than buy cleaning products or send someone to fix something, we change the concept of the houses to make them feel at home – in a more diverse, comfortable and clean place.