Adèle McLay has been a Business Consultant, Business Growth Coach  and High Performance Coach for +20 years. She has worked with very large corporations as well as small businesses in the UK and New Zealand.

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Adèle coaches business owners and entrepreneurs to become highly financially successful, growth focused, ideally world class, and mega performing in business and life, thereby achieving their personal and professional vision and goals.

Adèle is also an entrepreneur herself owning several multi-million dollar businesses, so knows the challenges of growing businesses.

Adèle is an engaging and inspiring keynote speaker for corporate and business events.

Adèle is a published author of the book, BIG Profits: 12 Strategies to Substantially Grow Your Business Profits. Adèle has another two books that are due to be published and released later in 2015.

Adèle uses two proprietary coaching models for her work:  the “Mega Entrepreneur Programme” focuses on all areas of business, including: Leadership, Branding, Marketing, Sales, People, Planning and Finance, and Operations.

The “Mega Performance and Success Framework” was developed by Adèle as a result of spending years studying the successes of the world’s top achievers. She uses this framework to support entrepreneurs to become mega performing in their businesses and personal lives.


Why we live London?

My husband and I love to travel, so London is a great place to be to nurture our love of travel. Our native New Zealand, is a long way away from Europe.


Why start a business in London?

Some of my businesses were in existence prior to us coming to live here nine years ago.  I have started several new businesses since living here.  I have clients around the world, so location was not a consideration when establishing my recent businesses.


Running your own business

Running your own business is very different to being employed.  The ‘buck stops with you’ at all times as a business owner/entrepreneur.  You are totally accountable for everything that happens in your business – the good and bad.  Self employment is now for everyone.  For those who embrace it, successful business ownership/entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding parts of life, in my opinion.


Three skills budding entrepreneurs need?

Vision.  Love of lifetime learning.  Persistence – never give up.