Rita Rosenback on language and identity

This photograph of Rita Rosenback smiling with her two daughters, Minna and Daniela, perfectly captures what lies at the heart of Rita’s business: family and multiculturalism. Based in Derby, Rita is the founder of the blog and business, ‘Multilingual Parenting’, and the author of Bringing up a Bilingual Child (2014).
Rita grew up in a Swedish-speaking […]

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Ankur Modi – CEO of StatusToday

Ankur Modi left India at 17 to study Computer Science in Germany. Now an ex-Microsoft data scientist and engineer, he has recently founded StatusToday, a company which aims to protect information-sensitive companies from data loss/ breach by humanizing cyber-technology.
Leaving India
Q. What made you decide to leave India at such a young age?
 A. I always knew I […]

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Why do I need to create a website?

The Internet is ubiquitous in our society: every morning we wake up with Yahoo News, we have lunch with Facebook and we fall asleep with YouTube. Nowadays, nobody can live without the Internet. What about your company? Does your company also need to adapt itself to the Internet generation? This Foreigner Can has the answer […]

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Shamil Sharshek – La La Piano Bar

Shamil is the co-founder of La La Piano Bar, a pop-up piano bar based in London’s West End. After starting as a one-off event in Covent Garden, it is now an established event management company. Able to pop up anywhere in London, the New-York style piano bar event has also dazzled audiences in Brighton.
Shamil’s background
Shamil […]

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“Life happens in shades of grey” – Darshana Ubl

When I call Darshana, she is in the middle of finance related meeting. She excuses herself, and seamlessly goes from business-mode to full conversational eloquence.
Instantly, I understand how she has achieved early success as an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and advisor to SMEs. She has a rare combination of business acumen and utterly natural charm – a […]

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Brad Constantinescu

Currently the President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Atlanta-based Stone Soup Technologies, Brad Constantinescu is also the CTO of various tech-based start-ups.
An expert in Artificial Intelligence and Software architecture and development, he was the CEO of a Romanian Internet company at the age of 22. Read on to discover his journey to success, as […]

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Do I need to pay tax as soon as I start a business?

When should I pay my taxes? This question is present in every entrepreneur’s mind. When you ask any entrepreneur: “what are you thinking about?” – don’t be surprised when he/she gives you two answers – benefits and tax. If you are going to start your own business and you feel concerned about the taxes you’ll […]

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Do I start a business with a partner or by myself?

As Henry Ford said: “Working together is success”, but what about working alone? Can it also be a key to success? In this article, This Foreigner Can gives guidance regarding this choice.
Working with a partner has its advantages. Concerning finances, it’s very appealing because more capital is available to run your business, as well as […]

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MBA Launch night

Yesterday evening, our selected migrant entrepreneurs were the highlight of The Migrant Business Accelerator Launch. Pitching, presentations, press and a good mood marked the night!
Rafael and his team welcomed the 10 MBA participants, alongside some of the mentors and the press in the beautiful Charing Cross Players Theatre.
Everyone gathered together on the first floor […]

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How do I hire my first employee?

This article will start with one word: delegation. As perfect as you are, you can’t do everything alone and sometimes you need to delegate your work. How can you delegate it? The answer is easy: hire an employee and let this article guide you.

I- Why should I hire an employee?
Before hiring an employee, you have […]

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