Migrant Voice Network Meeting

This Tuesday 10th November marked the most recent London Migrant Voice Network meeting. The evening’s main focus was on the implications of the 2015 Immigration Bill, followed by an information session primarily for Syrian refugees. In any spare moment not dedicated to agenda items, the offices were buzzing with everyone networking.

The focus
At Migrant Voice’s new […]

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Clare M. Thomas on Construction & Being a CEO

Clare M. Thomas is co-owner and Commercial Director of GHPC Group Ltd, as well as co-owner and Managing Director of Q Assure Build Ltd.


Q. Women in construction are still relatively rare – could you perhaps speak a little about your experience of – and thoughts on – the gender imbalance in construction?

A. Some of the […]

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Monika Laszlo on luck, strategy and success

“The really successful people are those who remain true to themselves. They genuinely care about what they are doing.”
Born in Hungary, Monika Laszlo left as a toddler with her parents in the early 70s when communism was blooming. She has since studied and lived in 7 different countries. In 2000, she decided to return to […]

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Nikki’s great “box” idea

When I speak to Nikki Wheeldon in the early evening, I get the impression it’s the first time she has paused all day! She has been running around to ensure the smooth organisation of “Send a Box”. Nikki, with co-founder and friend Lisa, aims to launch this enterprise in the New Year.

Q. Could you outline […]

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The Nomadic Boys

Meet Stefan and Sébastien, the travel-blogging couple who have been on the road since June 2014.

Stefan, of Greek-origin, was born and grew up in London, while Sébastien emigrated from his native France to London. Lawyer Stefan and IT wizard Sébastien met in 2009, and found they were united by two shared passions: travel and food. […]

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Katarzyna’s story

Katarzyna Okolowicz,łowicz/9a/429/1b

Katarzyna, from Poland, has an Aunt in London and had always wanted to study in the UK. She learnt English back in Poland so she could follow this dream. In reality, however, things were much more complicated as Poland was not yet part of the European Union. Although her life didn’t quite take the […]

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Jane Malyon – why good tea makes good business

Jane is the Founder and “Chief Scone Gnome” of The English Cream Tea Company
“Career Path”
Q. You had a variety of jobs before launching The English Cream Tea Company in 2011, could you tell us a little about your career path up to this point?

A. A ‘career path’ suggests intention, but in reality each role led […]

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Tiana Wilson-Buys – Business Consultant & Coach

Tina Wilson-Buys,

When Tiana first came over to the UK from South Africa in 2008, she had a business network of zero. Today, as a business consultant and coach, 87% of her clients come by referral. How did Tiana start from scratch, with zero business contacts, to so successfully create and manage her enterprise ‘Talking Business’?

Tiana’s […]

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Montaser – “Crisis is opportunity.”

Montaser H. Abou Zahr,

The first time Montaser went to Russia he was forced to go by his parents – and he hated it! He was calling them up and asking to go home to Peru after day two. The second time he went, however, was by choice. When I interview him, he has just arrived […]

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Sara on radio and self-discovery

Early on in our conversation, Sara demonstrates her amazing (and very amusing) ability to perform various different accents from across the globe. Clearly, however, this is only one of the many lessons she has learned on her life journey. This journey began at the age of 14 when, after the death of her father, she […]

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