M. Khavazi – CEO of Iran’s National Association of Women Entrepreneurs

“I was born in a decade when there was a general preconception that boys can do better in everything, especially business.”
Born in 1964 in Iran, Maryam grew up in a country beset by revolution and war, by fear and hope. Despite the turbulence, Maryam managed to secure a degree in Russian from Tehran University. After university, by sheer determination and […]

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Kevin Cavanaugh on HR & being born with “the DNA of curiosity”

Kevin Cavanaugh has over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources. American by birth, he is descended from Irish and Sicilian immigrants, and has lived in several different regions across the globe. He has led teams of HR professionals and practitioners in various business, from small start-ups, to global corporations such as Skype, and Fortune 100 companies including […]

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Rebeca Riofrio – the Mentor’s Perspective

One of the talented mentors at This Foreigner Can, Rebeca Riofrio is Ecuadorian and has lived in the UK for the last 20 years. She studied History of Art and began working for Martha Gellhorn when the famous writer and war correspondent’s eyesight started deteriorating. Rebeca worked for Gellhorn for four years until the latter’s death in 1988. Rebeca then […]

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Mentoring – the Mentee’s Perspective

Yoko Obata is one of our Migrant Business Accelerator participants at This Foreigner Can. Before deciding to specialise in cosmetics in 2011, Yoko worked at Virgin Atlantic to support herself as a professional artist whose exhibitions took her all over Europe. In 2011, Yoko decided it was time to carve a career out of her […]

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Age is Irrelevant in Entrepreneurship – Anay Patel

He may only be 19, but SEO Expert Anay Patel has already founded and worked in various start-ups. He launched his own web design company two years ago, and is very excited about his upcoming venture Launch-A-Preneur, a unique platform which aims to help young entrepreneurs improve their interpersonal and business skills. Indeed, Launch-A-Preneur sounds […]

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The most cost effective way to create a website

If we succeeded in convincing you to create your own website with our article “Why do I need to create a website?”, then you should also read this article, where This Foreigner Can guides you step by step through the process of building your website as cheaply as possible.
1) Find a domain name
The domain name […]

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Mohammed Al-Rashidi – Founder of Isys Group

Mohammed is the founder of multiple ventures in Telcom, eContent, mHealth, mTravel, mEducation, mGovernment and Fintech. All his ventures are addressed under Isys Group, the Kuwaiti global trading company he founded in 2004 and of which he is currently Managing Director.
 Q. Your ambition is the mobilisation of lifestyle services. Why is this ambition important for today’s society?

 A. When […]

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Julia Montague-King – Voice Coach and MBA Mentor

Experienced Voice and Leadership Coach Julia Montague-King founded her company Vocability in 2003. This week Julia ran a mentoring session for our MBA participants, focusing on voice projection, breathing and building the confidence to deliver an effective presentation. The improvement, from the entrepreneurs’ first pitch, to their final pitch, was remarkable.
Q. You began your career […]

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What is the difference between a sole trader business and a limited company?

Starting your business is not an easy task. A multitude of questions springs to mind: what kind of business should I start? What administrative documents should I complete? Which legal structure suits my business? Do I need to pay taxes?…
Today, the question ThisForeignerCan will address is that regarding the legal structure, and in particular […]

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Chloé van Soeterstède on conducting and a career in music

Chloé Van Soeterstède presents a rare species: a female conductor. And a highly successful one at that. Born and brought up in Paris, Chloé moved to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music. In 2012, at the age of 24, Chloé created her own symphony orchestra, The Arch Sinfonia. She is currently based […]

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