Lucy Aitchison

About Lucy Aitchison

Lucy is a recent graduate of the University of Cambridge, where she was awarded a First Class Degree in French and Spanish. Alongside her academic achievements, she has a professional background in translation: she spent a year living in Rennes, France, where she worked in a multilingual translation agency. Originally from Scotland, she has recently moved to London and is pursuing her ambition to carve out a successful career in journalism; she aims to combine her communication and writing skills with her love of meeting people from all walks of life

The Nomadic Boys

Meet Stefan and Sébastien, the travel-blogging couple who have been on the road since June 2014.

Stefan, of Greek-origin, was born and grew up in London, while Sébastien emigrated from his native France to London. Lawyer Stefan and IT wizard Sébastien met in 2009, and found they were united by two shared passions: travel and food. […]

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Katarzyna’s story

Katarzyna Okolowicz,łowicz/9a/429/1b

Katarzyna, from Poland, has an Aunt in London and had always wanted to study in the UK. She learnt English back in Poland so she could follow this dream. In reality, however, things were much more complicated as Poland was not yet part of the European Union. Although her life didn’t quite take the […]

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Jane Malyon – why good tea makes good business

Jane is the Founder and “Chief Scone Gnome” of The English Cream Tea Company
“Career Path”
Q. You had a variety of jobs before launching The English Cream Tea Company in 2011, could you tell us a little about your career path up to this point?

A. A ‘career path’ suggests intention, but in reality each role led […]

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Tiana Wilson-Buys – Business Consultant & Coach

Tina Wilson-Buys,

When Tiana first came over to the UK from South Africa in 2008, she had a business network of zero. Today, as a business consultant and coach, 87% of her clients come by referral. How did Tiana start from scratch, with zero business contacts, to so successfully create and manage her enterprise ‘Talking Business’?

Tiana’s […]

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Montaser – “Crisis is opportunity.”

Montaser H. Abou Zahr,

The first time Montaser went to Russia he was forced to go by his parents – and he hated it! He was calling them up and asking to go home to Peru after day two. The second time he went, however, was by choice. When I interview him, he has just arrived […]

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Sara on radio and self-discovery

Early on in our conversation, Sara demonstrates her amazing (and very amusing) ability to perform various different accents from across the globe. Clearly, however, this is only one of the many lessons she has learned on her life journey. This journey began at the age of 14 when, after the death of her father, she […]

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Rita Rosenback on language and identity

This photograph of Rita Rosenback smiling with her two daughters, Minna and Daniela, perfectly captures what lies at the heart of Rita’s business: family and multiculturalism. Based in Derby, Rita is the founder of the blog and business, ‘Multilingual Parenting’, and the author of Bringing up a Bilingual Child (2014).
Rita grew up in a Swedish-speaking […]

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Ankur Modi – CEO of StatusToday

Ankur Modi left India at 17 to study Computer Science in Germany. Now an ex-Microsoft data scientist and engineer, he has recently founded StatusToday, a company which aims to protect information-sensitive companies from data loss/ breach by humanizing cyber-technology.
Leaving India
Q. What made you decide to leave India at such a young age?
 A. I always knew I […]

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Shamil Sharshek – La La Piano Bar

Shamil is the co-founder of La La Piano Bar, a pop-up piano bar based in London’s West End. After starting as a one-off event in Covent Garden, it is now an established event management company. Able to pop up anywhere in London, the New-York style piano bar event has also dazzled audiences in Brighton.
Shamil’s background
Shamil […]

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“Life happens in shades of grey” – Darshana Ubl

When I call Darshana, she is in the middle of finance related meeting. She excuses herself, and seamlessly goes from business-mode to full conversational eloquence.
Instantly, I understand how she has achieved early success as an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and advisor to SMEs. She has a rare combination of business acumen and utterly natural charm – a […]

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