Lucy Aitchison

About Lucy Aitchison

Lucy is a recent graduate of the University of Cambridge, where she was awarded a First Class Degree in French and Spanish. Alongside her academic achievements, she has a professional background in translation: she spent a year living in Rennes, France, where she worked in a multilingual translation agency. Originally from Scotland, she has recently moved to London and is pursuing her ambition to carve out a successful career in journalism; she aims to combine her communication and writing skills with her love of meeting people from all walks of life

David Fogel on Wayra and entrepreneurship

…as an entrepreneur you are always selling…

David Fogel, originally from Israel, is currently Head of Acceleration and Deputy Director at Wayra in the United Kingdom. Wayra UK is Telefónica Open Future’s start-up accelerator that nurtures and catalyses the growth of the UK’s most promising entrepreneurial potential. Having already invested in over 400 start-ups, Wayra is […]

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Daniele Casal – a budding entrepreneur

Originally from Trento, Italy, Daniele Casal moved to London and started his own business in February 2015. Daniele is primarily a senior software engineer and has previously worked for Telecomitalia, Accenture and KBC Bank Ireland. June heralded the launch of his first Software as a Service (SaaS) product to the Italian market. He is currently preparing […]

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Herman Santiago – on commercial experience and networking

Herman Santiago is Business Partner and Head of Global Client Relations, Social Media & Technology at Nabas International Lawyers. Previously, he has managed multi-asset, multi-currency portfolios for Deutsche Bank in London and Nova Scotia in New York. He cut his commercial teeth at Scotiabank in New York, where he worked on a variety of projects […]

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Karine Mangion on cultural intelligence and a life of learning

“I am committed to learning all my life.”

Karine Mangion is an executive coach specialised in global leadership development. She has delivered programmes on professional language communication and intercultural competence for corporate companies including Barclays and HSBC, as well as for the UK Cabinet Office and HM Treasury. Karine is a senior lecturer, currently lecturing at […]

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Pierre-Thomas Yacoub – Movaway

“If you have an opportunity and you’re unsure, just take it and learn after.”

Pierre-Thomas Yacoub moved from his native Lyon to London seven years ago, at the age of twenty-two, when he spoke no English whatsoever. Today, as well as being fluent in English, he is the Founder and CEO of Movaway. Established over four years ago, […]

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André Correia on making a difference

André and his company Creative Acorr
André Correia is the Founder and Company Director of Creative Acorr C.I.C, a social enterprise which specialises in providing ethical communication solutions to NGOs and other community bodies. Originally from Portugal, André emigrated to the UK in 2008 to grow his experience in the PR and charity sector. He has […]

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Basem Al Manzalawy – forget “entrepreneur”, I’m an “engpreneur”


In 2000, Basem Al Manzalawy graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Zagazig University, in his native Egypt. After ten years of business experience, he went on to achieve a top MBA degree from Midtown University, USA. Six months ago, he was appointed Director of Sales and Marketing at Alanesoon Trading Company (ATC), managing the […]

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Candyce Costa – Women in Business

“Knowledge is something you carry with you always.”
About Candyce
Candyce Costa emigrated from Brazil in 2001 with her husband and son. They lived in Portugal for eight years, before moving to Hertfordshire. Candyce has an Economy degree, a Business Marketing BA from Anglia Ruskin, alongside various marketing and management certifications. She has worked for several well-known […]

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M. Khavazi – CEO of Iran’s National Association of Women Entrepreneurs

“I was born in a decade when there was a general preconception that boys can do better in everything, especially business.”
Born in 1964 in Iran, Maryam grew up in a country beset by revolution and war, by fear and hope. Despite the turbulence, Maryam managed to secure a degree in Russian from Tehran University. After university, by sheer determination and […]

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Kevin Cavanaugh on HR & being born with “the DNA of curiosity”

Kevin Cavanaugh has over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources. American by birth, he is descended from Irish and Sicilian immigrants, and has lived in several different regions across the globe. He has led teams of HR professionals and practitioners in various business, from small start-ups, to global corporations such as Skype, and Fortune 100 companies including […]

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