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Rafael Dos Santos is a successful migrant entrepreneur and founder of This Foreigner Can, a social enterprise designed to help more migrant entrepreneurs to succeed in setting up a business in the UK. www.rafaeldossantos.com Would you like to learn something about business and that we have not shared yet? Send your question to campaign@thisforeignercan.com and we will write a blogpost to answer your question.

5 Places to go to create more offline sales

Most entrepreneurs want to do more business and will often go to Facebook or Linkedin to run ads so they can generate more traffic to their site in the hope they will generate more sales. But this can be a costly experiment. Instead, why not consider the many offline ways you can find to generate […]

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Business rate in London

I-  What is a business rate?
In simple words, business rate is exactly like council tax but for commercial properties.
When an owner-occupier or leaseholder has a non-domestic property he has to pay a tax that is called: business rate. This goes towards paying the services that the local authority provides.
These taxes are mainly applied to shops, […]

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Differences between Bookkeeper and Accountant

I-  Why should I use an accountant or a bookkeeper?
   1.  Legislation
Use the services of an accountant is not a requirement, all the companies are free to choose if they need or not an accounting. However, as the Section 386 of Companies Act 2006 stipulate: “Every companies must have accounting records who must contain: entries […]

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How to register your company address in the UK?

How to register your company address in the UK?
If you are tired of searching on the Internet how can you register your company in the UK don’t worry, this article will help you!

What formalities you have to respect?
A register office address is a legal requirement if you want to create your firm. It will allow […]

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How to create a simple business plan

5 steps to create a simple business plan
A lot of people think that business plans have to be really difficult, long documents with a lot of spreadsheets and numbers. If that’s what you think, then I’m here today to prove you wrong!
You can create a very simple, 5 pages business plan to start. It does […]

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